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Spiral Spire

Cellular aggregation into architecture

Spiral Spire from Marco Nieto on Vimeo.

3D Modeling, Sculpting, and Animation

Team: Marco Nieto and Jenny Scarborough.

In order to develop skills and an eye for amalgamation and organization of organic forms, our seminar focused on learning the modeling, scultping, and animating capabilities that Maya has to offer. The earlier parts of the semester were for experimentation, while the latter part put us into partners and encouraged us to push the limits of aggregation into an architectural form. Our project saw potential in creating an adhoc tower, a new typology of skyscrapers that use impossible forms to organize a vertical schism. Each cell acts as a module that when added to each other, drives the uncanniness of the form further and further until the spire begins to take shape. Multiple variations were constructued before they too became modules and were added onto each other to create the final tower.

Previous animation test below.

Glitch from Marco Nieto on Vimeo.

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