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Slow House

Materializing the apprenhension of time and speed

Drawing Exercise and Mirror Model

Special thanks to Jacob Comerci.

The Slow House acts as a camera obscura, culminating the user's journey from with an image of the world that is both artificial and natural through a staging of an optical phenomena. The long passage of the house acts as a black box and the vast window the lens, making the user the subject through which the experience is mediated. The window presents a desire that is forever out of reach and can never be obtained, as the camera records and plays back a loop of the horizon, bringing it closer to the user's reach but distorting their sense of reality. The monitor obstructs the view while the camera transmits the view, creating a composite layering of realities.

The Slow House by Liz Diller was then abstracted into an infinity mirror to highlight the sensation of apprehending speed and physical arrival to visual departure. The object explores the relationship between architecture, optical illusions, and sensorium.

Slow House - Infinity Mirror from Marco Nieto on Vimeo.

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