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Sensory Playscape

Bridging social boundaries through haptics

Textile Installation
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Team: Entire ENGAGE Winter 2019 Seminar.
Role: Assisted with coding and implementation of the ‘Space’ graphic interface.

Sensory Playscape is a sensory rich textile environment with interactive displays projected onto them that overcomes social and developmental barriers. The end goal was to provide guidance for autistic children as they develop their motor skills, engage in social interaction, and overcome some of the challenges of socially active and overwhelming environments.

The course covered a wide range of research and topics, beginning with several autism related readings and field studies to various institutions to become familiar with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The preliminary work is crucial in being able to utilize collaborative play as a means of building social relationships and forming skills in communication and social interaction. Technical skills such as programming, spatial design and fabrication of textile structures, and capturing and recording observational data are interwoven during the studies.

The implemented CNC knitted textiles and graphic interfaces explore a range of tactile and visual feedback that stimulate and encourage a child’s engagement and positive social behavior. The environment created by these prototypes foster attentiveness, exploration, and play, while also providing an opportunity to discover the connection between the sensorial temporal qualities of architecture and its impact on wellbeing.

Sensory Playscape - Textile Timelapse from Marco Nieto on Vimeo.

Sensory Playscape - Cell Interface from Marco Nieto on Vimeo.

Sensory Playscape - Outer Space Interface from Marco Nieto on Vimeo.

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