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Guilty Landscapes

Documenting areas of pain and memory

"Guilty Landscapes" is an exploration of large-scale human impact on nature. Areas where the experience of beauty and peace is complicated by memory and knowledge. The following is a series of collages I have created that help me document relevant areas of the planet that are hurting and getting recent media attention. They are bedtime stories that keep us up at night rather than ease us into sleep and peace.
Done as thesis prep under El Hadi Jazairy of Design Earth.

Can Chernobyl be forgiven for being the site where humans stumbled while harnessing atomic fission and spread betrayal, death, and disease?

Can the Great Barrier Reef be fused with nanotechnology, creating an assembly of bodies that speaks to and with the Earth while preserving its status?

What possibilities do oil rigs and power stations offer for creating societies and microcosms of leisure as opposed to ones of labor? Is it productive to paint oil companies as villains, or does pointing fingers hinder change and action?

What possibilities lie within creating preserved landscapes for nature out of our artificial material?

How can wildfires in California and the Amazon be taken advantage of to restart and unite ecologies in light of a hard reset?

How can we capitalize on melting ice caps to transition our society into a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future that merges natural and artificial landscapes?

Mapping current possibilities for architectural intervention.

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