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Dimensions and dimensionality of glitches

For our “Arriving + Disappearing x Rebooting” taught by Perry Kulper, we were tasked with designing a double deep surface that floats. Inspired by the film “Arrival” and other depictions of sci-fi/cosmological films and unseen horror, I began depicting a fantastical landscape where introducing alien objects and landscapes induces glitches, which begin to blur the line between reality and imaginary, melding and merging foreground with background, objects with subjects, digital with analog. The first surface was an exercise in Arriving (worldbuilding and developing a narrative), the second surface was an exercise in Disappearing (glitches are exaggerated and the surface becomes two-dimensional) and the third surface was an exercise in Rebooting (modeling the surface and bringing it back to three-dimensions). All together, a triptych is formed depicting the evolution that the double deep surface undergoes during this experimentation that is also victim to the glitch.

Other explorations in developing a contextually rich image.
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