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Leveraging mobility to connect people together

Digital and Physical Platfom

Team: 2019 NCR Summer Intern Class at Gensler.

Special thanks to the internship comittee, the specialists, the jury, and Gensler as a whole. 

We decided to explore established infrastructure in the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis, and La Crosse to discover how we could initiate the most positive change with the smallest, most approachable interventions. Not because small interventions are easy, but because they are the most scalable. While we considered the broad range of public transit users, we focused on serving under-served communities - leveraging infrastructure in a way that pushes the boundaries of mobility. To address the needs of such a diverse target audience we are proposing a platform that provides Free Access to Volunteering, Organizations, and Resources.

It strives to enhance interconnectivity within our cities by providing a service that connects entities in need, with a network of information and resources given by those in our community already working to do good and provoking involvement from the public. FAVOR connects the dots, bridging communities in a way that policy cannot. Striving to transform a divided city into a community network centered around providing one another with a helping hand.

In order to accommodate the various preferred channels of communication, FAVOR has platforms that are available to all. These platforms include an app, touch kiosks, a website, traditional print ads, and the most powerful form of communication; word of mouth. By providing tools that are both physical and digital, favor offers a means of access to almost everyone. The problems we uncovered can be solved by simply connecting people together and offering them the chance they are looking for. 

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